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The road to our success

Minpex has changed and grown a lot since its beginning. We would love to tell you how we started and where we are now.

Before Minpex was founded, we used to own several large repair shops in The Netherlands. We were in charge of repairing 80 to 100 devices every day and our businesses expanded rapidly.

Despite this tremendous growth, we faced some problems with inconsistent quality parts, which resulted in our customers feeling dissatisfied.

We wanted to change this, so Minpex was founded mid 2016 in order to provide businesses in the mobile repair market with the best quality parts available.

As we couldn’t find the right quality items in Europe we decided to continue our search in the Far East.

We explored the Asian markets and discovered thousands of different suppliers. All of these suppliers provided their customers with different quality parts every week.

After a lot of effort, we partnered up with the right manufacturers and suppliers that can provide us with parts, devices and accessories that meet our quality standards, week after week.

Today, we are growing faster than we could have ever imagined and we have high hopes for the coming years.

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