iPad Air Digitizers – Our quality standards

Last month, we visited a lot of repair companies to tell them about our new business and our vision on the repair market. I really liked this, because I met a lot of new people and gained some new information about the repair market and the quality standards of our customers. We received a lot of questions about the quality of our iPad Air digitizers, especially because it is hard to find well produced ones on today’s market.

The quality of the iPad Air digitizers supplied by Minpex is different than the ones you will find at other suppliers. We have selected the right digitizers out of 43 factories. Our standards when selecting the factory were very high, because many companies in the repair market were complaining about the iPad Air digitizers. The most common and mentioned problems and issues with the known digitizers, were problems with the touch function and the quality of the glass/plastic. And not to forget: the home buttons came loose after some time. But not with the new digitizers Minpex supplies!

This is our quality standard


Home button

One of the most common problems with replacement digitizers: you have to glue the home buttons again. But no need for that with the Minpex digitizers! We made sure that the factory uses the right glue that will never let go, so the home button will stick forever.

Flex Cables

We only use the highest quality flex cables with the right amount of copper connections. We make sure that the cables are in exactly the right place, so you don’t need to struggle with them while placing the screen.

Camera Holder

The camera holder is exactly in the right position, so you won’t need the glue for the camera holder anymore. Also the camera lens has a green filter, just as the original ones.

Full copper lining

I think that this is the most important feature of our digitizers. We made sure that all digitizers have a full copper lining. As copper is a expensive material, a lot of factories try to replace this with cheaper materials such as silver and tin. The usage of cheaper material may lead to problems with the touch function.

Material of the glass

We made sure that the combination between glass and plastic is exactly right. This allows you to slightly bend the screen without breaking it. It also prevents the screen from breaking in a thousand pieces in case the iPad Air falls again.

I hope this post will help you in finding the right materials for your repairs, please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any additional questions and/or comments.

^^ Roy