iPhone 7 High Copy – Our quality standards

The iPhone 7 High Copy displays are something different then the average High Copy iPhone 7 display that you see in todays market. You see prices going from 60 to 120 euro’s for a High Copy screen. But what is the difference?

Well, the main difference between a “good” and a “bad” screen is the material that is used for the Display Assembly. As you might know, there are different kind of LCD factories that produce high-copy screens like Tianma, Shensou and AOU. Most of the times those LCD panels are good enough for a High Copy product. But we decided to go for the best. So for the iPhone 7 High Copy we used a LG screen like the original Display Assembly. So there is almost no difference with the Original display!

The quality of the glass is the best in todays market. The touch function is doing a great job, and the feeling of the screen is amazing! You have to try it 😉

Product information

Quality standard  High Copy (with LG LCD)
LCD  Produced by LG
LCD Quality   No spots or dead pixels. Brand new LCD.

Small parts

As you can see, we make sure that all small parts are in the right place. We make sure that the Camera Holder, Ear Mesh and Proximity Sensor holder are in the right place. And yes, we make sure all of these parts are placed in the right position.

Back plate

All our screens come with a backplate. This prevents the screen from getting damaged during transport or usage and it makes it easier to screw it on the device. The back plates of our displays are the best quality and all tested before they where placed on the iPhone to be sure that you don’t get any problems while placing the home button.

Cold glued frames

We make sure that our screens won’t come loose and that they are very stiff. The factory uses a gold glue process to make sure that the frames are really stiff. We also make sure that the frames are in the right position so you can place them easily on the iPhone.

Foam connectors

All connectors have new connector foam on them. This prevents the cables and connectors from getting a short circuit during usage.

I hope this post will help you in finding the right materials for your repairs, please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any additional questions and/or comments.

^^ Roy