iPhone 8 Battery – 1821 mAh – New Pulled

IPH8041 iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 was introduced in September 2017. It is therefore not surprising if the battery of the iPhone 8 drains quickly and the iPhone 8 has to be charged several times a day. Replacing the iPhone 8 battery with a new one can solve this problem. At Minpex we sell batteries for iPhone 8 with which you can replace the current battery of the iPhone 8. This way the iPhone 8 feels a bit newer plus it will last longer!

In the past few years Minpex has been working on expanding its international network of manufacturers and suppliers. This allows us to offer good quality iPhone 8 batteries for a low price. Ideal for you, but also for your customer who wants to have his iPhone 8 repaired.


All our parts are tested one by one before shipping.


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